Guild Wars 2

The Art of Guild Wars 2

July’s book of the month is the Art of Guild Wars 2.  I chose this book for two reasons:

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A) it’s packed with creatures, characters, costumes, environments, objects…I’m very impressed with the variety of work included in this book (with that said, the book is all drawings or paintings…there’s not a lot of 3D work presented like Uncharted2 or District9).

And B) the overall quality of the work is amazing.

As noted above, this book is mostly filled with drawings and paintings…make that, great drawings and paintings.  The names range from Dociu, Jang and Barrett to Anderson and one of my personal favorites Kekai Kotaki.  With this many artists you’d assume there might be a few stinkers in here…but nope, the work is top notch throughout.  Another reason it’s such a strong book is a byproduct of having so many artists involved, it’s a showcase for varying techniques.  Some people are amazing painters, some use lots of photo/texture inlays, there are some wonderful pen and ink drawings, and even some scratchy pencil work.  It’s nice to see how many different ways an artist can solve visual problems from a technique perspective.  Lastly, I’m very impressed with the richness of the color and the control of the palettes in this book.  These folks really know how to use saturation and value to their advantage…so check it out if you get the chance,  it’s a great recourse for any concept artist’s library.