Favorite Books: Page One

Michael Hampton: Michael Hampton’s figure drawing book is jam packed with amazing illustrations, great info graphics and easy to understand concepts…Read More>



Skillful Huntsman: Since The Skillful Huntsman’s origins are steeped in academia, you will find it is a solid choice for illustrating how concept art is used….Read More>



BlackSad: BEST COMIC EVER. Ok, “maybe” that’s a little strong but for my money, it’s hard to beat the overall quality of this amazing book…Read More>



Euan Uglow: If you’ve ever been confused between the concepts of “shape” vs “line”, be confused no more. Uglow’s work is a GREAT example of…Read More>

Jose Perez: Every single time I open this book I’m blown away by the imagination and complexity of Perez’s narratives. Every figure, every object…Read More>



James Jean: Of all the James Jean books currently on the market, this one is my favorite. First off, this book is PACKED with illustrations…Read More>



Mitch Byrd If you appreciate line quality, character and good old fashioned “drawing chops” then this book is for you…Read More>

Exodyssey: One of the big reasons I like this book is because of the variety of great work is has to offer (paintings, models, poster concepts…Read More>



Heinrich Kley: This is an interesting little book and one that might seem unique amongst the other books on this list, well that’s because…Read More>



Sean Galloway: Better known as “Cheeks”, Sean Galloway’s work has been extremely influential in a variety of…Read More>

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