Fusion Junction 2

Fusion Junction 2 (A Collection of Contemporary Character Art)

April’s book of the month features the work of four interesting and unique artists (Jiwon Park, Taira Akitu, Jung-Hyun Seok and LeSean Thomas).  All four of these artists have different styles but they all seem to be heavily influenced by eastern culture which helps keep the book feeling like a cohesive unit of work.  With that said, there’s plenty of variety as you begin to page through the book (Akitu is very colorful and playful while Seok is quite an impressive painter) which helps avoid the trappings of repetition and ultimately boredom.  Truth be told, I took a chance on this book ordering it online without seeing any interior work (which is usually a disaster ) and when I began to page through it was was very happy with my purchase.  I was especially happy with Jiwon Park’s work and amazed at Jung-Hyun Seok’s paintings, I book was worth the cost if only for the exposure to Seok’s paintings.  If you like this style of art then this might be a good book for your library!