Jan 2011: Carl Rungius

Artist and Sportsman by Carl Rungius

I can’t remember if it was John Ribble, Chris Gargan or Mark Nelson who turned me on to Rungius but whoever it was…thank you, thank you, thank you!  January’s book of the month is a collection of the wildlife art by Carl Rungius.   It’s interesting, when I’m painting on a regular basis the world looks different than it normally does.  When I’m out for a drive or going for a walk the world begins to look like a collection of shapes and colors rather than objects…and this is what I see when I look at Rungius’ work.  He does such an amazing job of “seeing” color in unexpected places.  He adds blues and purples in areas were most people see black or gray.  I love the unexpected color that sings through this work.  It’s also nice to see wildlife and environments painted so painterly and full of life.  If you appreciate painterly paintings or great color, check out Rungius’ work…you won’t be disappointed!