Favorite Books: Page Two

Carl Rungius: I can’t remember if it was John Ribble, Chris Gargan or Mark Nelson who turned me on to Rungius but whoever it was…thank you, thank….Read More>




Fusion Junction2: Aprils book of the month features the work of four interesting and unique artists (Jiwon Park, Taira Akitu, Jung-Hyun Seok and LeSean Thomas). ….Read More>




The Art of Guild Wars2: Julys book of the month is the Art of Guild Wars 2. I chose this book for two reasons: A) it’s packed with creatures, characters, costumes….Read More>




Monster Hunter Illustrations: Octobers book of the month is Monster Hunter Illustrations. This book is different from most of the other books….Read More>

Art of District 9: Februarys book of the month has been on my “coming soon” list for a while now. Last fall I saw a review on this book and thought, “wow…Read More>




J.C. Leyendecker: Mays book of the month features one of my favorite illustrators of all time, Mr. J.C. Leyendecker. Leyendecker was an American illustrator…Read More>




Joaquin Sorolla: Augusts book of the Month is a collection of work from Mr Joaquin Sorolla, a true painters painter. If strong brushwork is your thing…Read More>




Star Wars Episode III: Novembers Book of the Month is a classic “Art of” book, The Art of Star Wars Episode III. If you were to start…Read More>

Sketching: Marchs book of the month is a dynamite reference for any artist looking to better their drawing skills. Concept artists and…Read More>




Art of Uncharted2: Junes book of the month is a great collection of work from Naughty Dog’s mega hit, Uncharted 2. This book is great for looking…Read More>




Cover Run: Septembers book of the month is a great collection of work from Adam Hughes, Cover Run – The DC comic work of Adam Hughes is…Read More>




Art of Darksiders: Decembers book of the month highlights the work of Joe Madureira and Paul Richards…Read More>

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