Blacksad created by Juanjo Guarnid and written by Juan Diaz Canales

Blacksad – This is one of those rare books that is packed with so many good things that I have a hard time explaining what I like about it.  Blacksad is a lesson in sooo many disciplines that I find myself reexamining it over and over and over again.  The perspective is masterfully laid out, the gestural quality of Guarnid’s characters are amazing, the cinematic shot selection are incredibly thoughtful and the character design is exquisitely broad.  Readers should be warned that the stories do include adult content, this is not a book suitable for young readers but it is so incredibly well crafted that it is by far one of the favorite books in my library.  The volume I’ve selected is volume three which is a collection of the first three stories…take it from me, this book is worth every penny.